Telephone, Internet & Data networks

Telephone internet & data networks

Telephone network

A telephone network provides the ideal infrastructure to support your choice of telephone equipment, from a single line to a complete system with advanced features.

Options you can choose include:

  • Door Entry
  • Interfaces
  • Paging
  • Voice mail
  • Call routing
  • VoIP (voice over IP systems)

We can provide a system by any supplier, but usually recommend Panasonic because they offer features that are ideal for residential use and represent great value for money.

Cable network

With a cable network for your telephone, Internet and data, you can have devices wherever you want within your property, and any future alterations will be straightforward. We provide a full data cabling service including CAT6, fibre, voice and data integration.

Network switch

A network switch makes all data points throughout your home ready for your components, such as computers, printers and other devices such as wireless access points and home servers.

Wireless network

If a wireless network would not be able to provide a fully reliable service due to the construction of your property or level of Internet traffic (such as streaming or downloading movies and music), we recommend a combination of cable and wireless networks.

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