Television, Radio, Media & Satellite Distribution

TV radio satellite distribution

We installed our first, traditional coax-based television distribution systems way back in 1973. These days, we use the latest fibre optic systems to deliver digital television services to MDUs (Multiple Dwelling Units, i.e. hotels and apartment blocks), so residents can share the cost between dwellings for economies of scale.

From your brief or outline, we will plan the type of cabling system required and how it needs to function.

Typical installations

Projects typically include:

  • Distribution of TV, radio and satellite playback to media outlet plates
  • HDTV distribution
  • Central equipment rack
  • Fitting of TV/FM/DAB aerial array, satellite dish, LNB and distribution equipment
  • Coax & CAT5/CAT6 cabling for distribution of HD video signals from various HD sources


Fibre optic cabling

Fibre optic cabling offers significant advantages for MDUs:

  • Saves on antenna and satellite space
  • No signal loss over long distance
  • Smaller, thinner than traditional coax
  • Cable containment is less intrusive
  • Easier to provide additional Sky+ multi-room points
  • Provides better flexibility in other rooms
  • Broadband and wifi can be overlaid on fibre on all points

An RF (Radio Frequency) distribution system to provide all TV positions with the current digital TV channels together with radio signals and the satellite channel selected from an appropriate satellite receiver.

Additionally all TV points are HDTV-ready and include the facility to receive Freesat, SkyHD and cable signals as required.

Your solution can also include the latest HDTV distribution system capable of delivering HD quality video output signals from your SkyHD boxes, video server, Blu-ray/DVD player and computers to your televisions and projectors, ensuring that these display the best picture possible.

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