Access Control

Access control systems permit authorised people to move freely around any site, while denying entry to unwanted visitors.

Access control PAC

Whether you require a single- or multi-point access control system across a small or large site, CAI Vision can provide it.

Various domestic solutions are available when you want to restrict access to residents of a multi-dwelling development, while commercial systems mean you can allow only selected personnel into your property.

A carefully designed and installed access control system has numerous benefits:

  • Keep your staff, visitors and property safe from intruders
  • Know who is on site at all times, in case of a fire or emergency
  • Monitor and manage the movement and timekeeping of contractors, visitors and employees through your premises in real time from your PC

Our access controls enable you to solve a variety of security problems using an intuitive, yet powerful system, which can manage:

  • All types of door, turnstile and car park barrier
  • Magnetic strip and barcode cards, proximity tags and cards and even biometric identification
  • Multiple access groups (e.g. staff, contractors) and zones (e.g. warehouse, factory, office)
  • Integration with fire and intruder alarms, CCTV and door entry systems

PAC access control

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