Television & Data Networks

TV & Data networks

The core of every successful smart home system is its network cabling and equipment, from backbone speed and efficiency to safe and discrete installation.

We installed our first, traditional coax-based television distribution systems way back in 1973. These days, we use CAT6a and the latest fibre optic systems to deliver HD digital television services including Ultra HD and 4K to single and multiple dwelling units.

Projects typically include:

  • Distribution of TV, radio and satellite playback to media
  • HDTV distribution
  • Eutelsat Hotbird
  • Central equipment rack
  • Fitting of TV/FM/DAB aerial array, satellite dish, LNB and distribution equipment
  • Coax, CAT6a and fibre cabling for distribution of HD video signals from various HD sources

An RF (Radio Frequency) distribution system provides all TV positions with the current digital TV channels together with radio signals and the satellite channel selected from an appropriate satellite receiver. All TV points include the facility to receive Freesat, SkyHD and cable signals as required.

Your solution can also include the latest HDTV/4K distribution system which delivers HD quality video signals from your SkyHD/SkyQ boxes, video server, Blu-ray player, gaming devices and computers to your televisions and projectors, ensuring that these display the best picture possible.

Professional grade networking

Our background of installing telephone and data networks into offices, hospitals and schools transferred naturally to smart home systems, where fast fibre-optic and CAT6 cables carry ever-growing amounts of data over the same network. As an independent company, we provide and install networking systems by any supplier.

Wifi network monitoring

Cable network

With a cable network for your telephone, Internet and data, you can have devices wherever you want within your property, and any future alterations will be straightforward. We provide a full data cabling service including CAT6, fibre, voice and data integration.

Todays network equipment include cables and connectors, switches, controllers, routers, WAPs (Wireless Access Points) and patch panels.

Telephone network

A telephone network provides the ideal infrastructure to support a range of telephone equipment, from a single line to a complete system with advanced features.

Network switch

A network switch makes all data points throughout your home ready for your components, such as computers, printers and other devices such as wireless access points and home servers.

Wireless network

If a wireless network would not be able to provide a fully reliable service due to the construction of your property or level of Internet traffic (such as streaming or downloading movies and music), we recommend a combination of cable and wireless networks.

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Telephone internet & data networks