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Home Automation, Communications & Security

Home Automation covers all the systems in your home that can be controlled automatically.

Smart home lighting

Examples include curtains that open and close to give the impression you’re at home, TV that remembers to record your favourite programmes and heating that turns itself on so the home is warm when you get in.

Whether you’re at home or away, anywhere in the world, you can operate the automated systems using a touch pad, hand-held controller or mobile device.

Home automation - Control 4 devices

Custom Installation

A custom installation is designed to give you control over the specific technologies or sub-systems you require.

Audio Visual

This covers all the sound and vision systems in your home, right up to a full home cinema system. A multi-room AV installation will allow easily accessible and controllable entertainment in every area of the house.

Smart Homes

A smart home gives you simple, practical control of your TV, music, movies, lights, temperature and security systems from anywhere in your home or around the world. If the system isn’t easy to operate, then it’s not a ‘smart’ home at all!

Smart home lifestyle

Putting you firmly in control

A fully integrated home automation network allows you to control all these systems remotely:

Smart home automation

A Smart Home typically includes

  • Television, Radio, Media and Satellite Distribution
    HDTV and media cable infrastructure with connection to multiple TV networks
  • Telephone, Internet & Data Network
    Cat 5e Cat 6 data cabling, voice and data integration, wireless network
  • Intelligent control – controllers that allow you to manage the systems
  • Home automation – products and systems that link automatically to external services such as cable TV, Internet and telephone

New build

It is easier to fit a smart home custom installation while the property is being constructed. This is because the design can be changed to accommodate the required systems, and because the walls, outlets, and storage rooms are easily accessible for cabling.

Retro fit

With an existing structure, we would usually recommend a wireless system that requires little or no major structural changes.


To achieve any sensible level of security, you should install systems of a high quality and standard. The company you choose to install and maintain your security system is as important as the system itself.

CAI Vision has installed thousands of hi-tech security systems in residential, commercial and high-profile premises, including the Natural History Museum (the De Beers Diamond Collection), the Princess Royal Hospital and various international embassies.

Security systems

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