Halford Place Mews

Client: Leo Developments
Halford Place Mews is a stunning new collection of nine mews-style houses located in Hanwell, built to lifetime home standards with impressive contemporary design throughout.
  • TV/Radio and Satellite Integrated Reception System
  • Video Door/Gate Entry System
  • CCTV
Halford Place Mews

We designed and installed the TV/Radio and Satellite Integrated Reception System, the Video Door/Gate Entry System and the CCTV System.

TV/Radio and Satellite Integrated Reception System (IRS)

The client specified that the aerial array and satellite dish could not be fitted onto any of the properties, and must not be visible from the entrance to the development. We achieved this by installing the aerial array, satellite dish and distribution head end amplifier onto the perimeter wall at the rear of the development.

Video Door and Gate Entry System

We installed the latest colour video door entry system within each property. For extra security, this system also controls the gated entrance.

CCTV System

The CCTV System could not be recorded as standard, so we installed High Definition cameras in each property that are distributed to all the television outlet positions via a Quad HD to DVB-T COFDM modulator. This provides a high level of live viewing of all the communal ground and gated entrance.