Regents Park

Colour Video Door Entry system comprising:
  • 1 x Flush mounted Colour Video single button Entrance Panel with brass faceplate
  • 5 x Comelit Bravo Colour monitors with handset
  • 1 x Interface for BT Phone system
  • Necessary Power Supllies
Regents Park property, London

An important aspect of our 50 year plus history is the longstanding relationships we have with serving prestigious properties.

We’ve now been working with one client in Regents Park for over 20 years and CAI Vision’s Mario Swanston visited their beautiful property again only recently. They originally commissioned us to install a monochrome door entry system in 2002, which we later upgraded to colour for them in 2006.

The colour Door Panel was fitted adjacent to the main front door in place of the previous unit, with replacement colour monitors added across 5 positions throughout the premises.

The system interfaces with the Alcatel 13 telephone network by activating 4 telephone handsets when the button at the front door is depressed.

After the client had new routers installed for their telephones to work over Wi-Fi (instead of the old PTSN), we adapted our systems to meet these new requirements. Although the door entry system is approaching 20 years old, it still looks brand new – that’s the advantage of always working with high quality equipment from specialist manufacturers like Comelit.

Comelit Bravo colour monitor plus handset
Comelit Bravo colour monitor plus handset
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